Does My Family Need a Fiduciary?

Do you have a single advocate who sits on your side of the table to whom you can turn for objective investment management advice?

Do you know, without a doubt, that your assets are managed by someone who puts your interests first?

By choosing a fiduciary portfolio management firm, you will be able to answer “Yes” to both questions.

What Is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary has a legal and ethical responsibility to put their client’s interests first. A fiduciary is held to a higher standard of care than an advisor who is not a fiduciary.

This means:

  • No conflicts of interest
  • No propriety investment products
  • No obligations to anyone except clients
  • No fees received from any specific investment product or manager recommended
  • Clients receive full disclosure and transparency

For investors and their families, the benefit of having a fiduciary financial advisor comes down to this: peace of mind.

Are All Investment Advisors Fiduciaries?

Financial planners and investment advisors are not always fiduciaries. Financial advisors who are not considered fiduciaries are only held to a Suitability Requirement.

  • The suitability standard: Advisors who are not fiduciaries must only recommend investments that are “suitable” given the client’s circumstances – regardless of the product’s cost or quality.

Contrast this with the Fiduciary Requirement, which ensures much broader and deeper service than the traditional investment advisor provides. Firms registered as Portfolio Managers are held to the fiduciary standard.

  • The fiduciary standard: Advisors who are fiduciaries must recommend investments that are both suitable and in their client’s best interest.

As an investor, it is prudent to seek out an investment advisor who also has your best interests at heart.

HighView Is an Investment Fiduciary

HighView is registered as a Portfolio Manager (through HighView Asset Management Ltd.) in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, which means we are held to the fiduciary standard both legally and ethically.

Beyond this, HighView strongly believes in the fiduciary relationships we build with clients, which are based on objectivity, transparency, and responsibility. We are guided by an unwavering philosophy and our processes are created first and foremost to benefit our clients.

Schedule Your Discovery Session

Here’s what you can expect at a complimentary discovery session with HighView:

  • We will take the time to understand the goals of your family and your future giving plans.
  • We will explore your approach to risk and your previous investment experience.
  • We will discuss how to want your various advisors involved and who you want around the table.
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