Why We’re Different

HighView Financial Group is one of the few independent asset advisory firms guided by an unwavering philosophy and process created first and foremost to benefit our clients.

We are a fiduciary entrusted with the oversight of our clients’ assets. Accordingly, as your Investment Stewards, we promise to:

  • Maintain absolute objectivity by not offering any proprietary investment products or any affiliation with third-party investment products
  • Remain focused on building and preserving your assets and meeting your current and future funding requirements
  • Be completely transparent about our fees and costs and remain available to you

Our Unique Approach to Asset Management and How It Benefits You

Complete Objectivity

As an independent firm, we are free of obligations to anyone except our clients. This includes not receiving any fees from the managers we recommend. You need never worry about conflict of interest.

A Customized Approach

We carefully consider the unique situation of each client and develop a solution that makes use of the best options available to meet their particular goals. Our solutions are not cookie-cutter plans.

When we meet with a new client, we conduct an assessment to ensure we fully understand the purpose of the assets together with the client’s goals, needs, and risk tolerance. Using this knowledge, we create an asset management solution that is unique to you.


You will feel secure knowing we are completely open about our structures, practises, and costs. You will not be subjected to hidden fees.

We care about our clients. You will always be kept informed of the current state of our asset management activities.

For example, at your quarterly review, we take the time to review your portfolio with you and address any changes which may be required. You will receive a report that is benchmarked to your own goals and risk tolerance, giving you a clear idea of how your portfolio is doing.


To ensure integrated asset solutions, we work closely with your team of trusted advisors, such as your accountants, lawyers, and consultants. In doing so, we help our clients eliminate any oversights that could have far-reaching consequences for your future assets.


We believe in creating sustainable assets. As such, we do not chase relative market returns and are committed to absolute goals-based investing.

We are proud to be one of the first Canadian asset management firms to successfully implement the outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) model.

We invite you to review our outsourced Chief Investment Officer process, created to achieve the successful accumulation and long-term sustainability of your assets.


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