A HighView Outsourced CIO is Responsible For:

Benefits of an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

A CIO who operates as a true fiduciary, rather than merely an investment advisor, can better help create sustainable investment results.

Comprehensive and Integrated Advice

The advice provided by your HighView CIO spans the full asset management spectrum – from investment policy creation to portfolio management and review – using an integrated approach that includes working with your professionals to help you reach your goals.

An Ongoing Relationship

CIOs at HighView have an ongoing professional relationship with their clients. They are available to them, ensuring solid and open communication, which can ultimately benefit both the management process and investment performance.

Objectivity and Transparency

A CIO’s investment solutions and services are objective and designed with their clients’ best interests in mind. They should not have their own proprietary investment products to sell to clients and all fees and expenses related to client portfolios should be fully transparent.


CIOs hold our investment managers accountable and responsible for investment performance and risk management. They look outward to trusted third party investment managers to manage the portfolios. The CIO closely monitors the managers to ensure mandates are met and the desired results are achieved.


HighView CIO services are amortized over the life of the client relationship. This is more desirable for the client, who avoids being billed for a series of one-off consulting engagements involving manager search and other assignments.

Watch this video for an in-depth discussion of our founding principles and how they apply to our work with our clients.

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