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HighView Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

As an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO), HighView provides strategic wealth management advice. We will act as a fiduciary with legal accountability to protect your assets and advise you objectively about investment opportunities and risks.

Our primary responsibilities as your outsourced Chief Investment Officer:

  1. Assuming an investment stewardship role by thinking and acting as a fiduciary while joining clients on the “same side of the table”.
  2. Conducting a client needs assessment: We take the time to understand your goals and to best deploy your assets to help you meet your investment goals.
  3. Managing your assets: We construct portfolios to meet your needs and to reflect your risk tolerances.
  4. Selecting and monitoring the professionals who manage your portfolio on a daily basis.

The HighView Outsourced CIO has a much broader and deeper role than the traditional investment manager.

Through our extensive experience, we have created the HighView Asset Sustainability Process, which is structured to meet the unique needs of each client, ensure investor accountability, and integrate the asset management strategies of clients’ various professional advisors.

At HighView Financial Group, we work to protect your assets while creating sustainable investment results.

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