HighView Family Wealth Management

If your family has accumulated wealth, you are in a unique situation. You want to maintain and perhaps continue to grow your portfolio, but you also want to make the right decisions to sustain wealth for retirement and even for future generations to enjoy.

Effective management of this wealth requires a disciplined and integrated approach, distinct from the more traditional institutional solutions. You are likely already faced with some of the hard realities and complex challenges.

Making the right decisions means listening to all of your trusted professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, insurance advisors, and certain family members.

At HighView, we become your family’s outsourced Chief Investment Officer, acting as stewards of your wealth to design, implement, and manage a tailored investment portfolio for you and your family. We help you form a Stewardship Council of your trusted professionals that then can work as a team on an ongoing basis. Bringing everyone around the table means that different perspectives and expertise can be leveraged into a game plan that works, and is sustainable.

Affluent families need a customized wealth management plan – and that is where HighView excels.

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Our Wealth Management and Investment Advice Is Supported by Our Eight Founding Principles

  1. Fiduciary Standard of Care
  2. Complete Objectivity
  3. Complete Transparency
  4. Goals-based Portfolio Construction
  5. Volatility Mitigation
  6. Customized Consistency
  7. Qualitative Research
  8. Stewardship

Please watch the below video for a more in-depth discussion of each of these essential founding principles and how they apply to our work with affluent Canadian families seeking sound wealth management advice:

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