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Your Family’s Wealth: Investment Portfolio Design

At the center of HighView’s portfolio design is a simple question: what is the purpose of the money?

Before we build your portfolio, we take the time to listen and get to know you and your family through an in-depth discovery process that allows us to understand your specific lifestyle needs, current and future goals, capital requirements, and risk tolerance. Combining this insight with our intelligent research, we architect a unique goals-based portfolio that addresses your priorities and aspirations while remaining within your comfort level for risk and volatility.

HighView is proud to be a true investment fiduciary – legally and ethically obligated to place our clients’ interests first. In designing your portfolio, we adhere to a well-defined set of investment principles and processes to ensure we are completely objective, including using non-proprietary investments and third-party investment managers who meet our rigorous standards. We carefully consider each asset class mandate and its specific purpose before including it in your portfolio.

In our view, your investment portfolio is a utility for your family to achieve your goals and ensure funds are available for future commitments and liabilities. Therefore, we measure the success of your portfolio against these criteria, rather than how it performs against irrelevant and arbitrary public market benchmarks. We will meet with you regularly to ensure the portfolio continues to correspond with your plan for your family wealth.

Our goals-based portfolio design and long-term strategies have proven to be a key driver in creating sustainable wealth, and ultimately peace of mind, for our clients and their families.

Our Investment Philosophy

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  • Here's what you can expect at a complimentary discovery session with HighView:

    • We will take the time to understand the goals of your family and your future giving plans.
    • We will explore your approach to risk and your previous investment experience.
    • We will discuss how to want your various advisors involved and who you want arround the table.

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