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Your Family’s Wealth: Collaborating with Your Professional Advisors

Most families we work with benefit from established relationships with a variety of professional practitioners including lawyers, accountants, and consultants, who each provide technical expertise in specific functional areas of wealth management.

HighView collaborates with these key professional advisors to make important financial decisions and ensure you receive integrated wealth management advice. We will organize and guide your advisors in the fiduciary oversight of your family’s wealth, ensuring the responsible management of your assets in support of your goals – always within your risk parameters.

Together, we are able to avoid oversights and put into action prudent and holistic solutions specific to your family’s needs.

In some cases, HighView will establish and act as the ongoing manager of a formal Family Stewardship Council – a robust fiduciary-based governance committee that brings your family’s trusted advisors together within well-defined roles.

Investment portfolio management is only one piece of your larger family wealth plan. By harnessing the combined skills of your family’s professional advisors, we ensure that our actions are well-informed and aligned with what truly matters—helping your family achieve its goals and generate sustainable wealth now and into the future.

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  • Here's what you can expect at a complimentary discovery session with HighView:

    • We will take the time to understand the goals of your family and your future giving plans.
    • We will explore your approach to risk and your previous investment experience.
    • We will discuss how to want your various advisors involved and who you want arround the table.
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