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Your Family’s Wealth: Professional Governance and Oversight

HighView will design and implement a governance structure to facilitate the stewardship of your wealth, ensuring that your family’s wealth plan stays on track with your goals and within your risk tolerances.

This will involve establishing well-defined roles for a focused team of your family members in collaboration with their trusted professional advisors, in some cases referred to as your Family Stewardship Council.

This group will develop, approve, and formally review your family’s comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a governing document for the management and oversight of your investments.

Your IPS will include:

  • Goals and objectives of the family based on our analysis and discussion
  • Risk parameters and restrictions at the portfolio level as well as for each mandate used
  • Allocation of assets across the investment mandates
  • Sub-advisors (managers) to be hired for the management of each mandate
  • Rebalancing policies
  • Measures of success at the portfolio level (goals-based investing metrics and benchmarking)
  • Measures of success of each manager for each mandate
  • Reporting and administrative parameters for the management and oversight of the investment assets

HighView, in conjunction with your governance and oversight team, has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure your portfolio is successful in meeting your unique needs and performs according to your family’s best interests.

We provide the confidence that proper governance structures and processes are in place to effectively manage your wealth – freeing you to enjoy other important areas of your life.

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