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Your Family’s Wealth: Reviewing and Rebalancing Your Portfolio

HighView is a true fiduciary; our processes are carefully created to ensure we always act in your family’s best interests and that we are objective and transparent in everything we do. As a HighView client, you and your family can expect regular reviews of your portfolio, continuous communication, and an “open door” approach.

Reviewing Your Portfolio

Quarterly, we will produce a formal report that measures whether your portfolio is performing above, below, or on-track with the stated goals.

Annually, we will sit down with you and your professional advisors for a full review of your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and Family Wealth Plan.

Beyond these regularly scheduled reviews, HighView is happy to meet with you at any time to discuss any other concerns, questions, or changes regarding your portfolio and family wealth plan.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

A disciplined portfolio rebalancing process is an important risk management tool. When we believe it is necessary, we may recommend rebalancing your portfolio and will proceed only with your approval.

Our rebalancing method is one of the most well-researched in the industry, designed based on a through a thorough review of the existing body of practitioner and academic research as well as our own primary research.

We effectively balance the need to control risk for each client while avoiding frequent rebalancing – which we believe results in an unsatisfactory cost/benefit profile over time.

Our Investment Philosophy

Schedule Your Discovery Session

  • Here's what you can expect at a complimentary discovery session with HighView:

    • We will take the time to understand the goals of your family and your future giving plans.
    • We will explore your approach to risk and your previous investment experience.
    • We will discuss how to want your various advisors involved and who you want arround the table.

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