Creating Disciplined Investment Structures For Ultra High Net Worth Families

By Mark Barnicutt on June 8, 2010

For any investor, effectively managing their investments can be a challenge. The world of capital markets has become a very complex place with numerous opportunities as well as potential pitfalls. For those with significant wealth the challenges as well as the opportunities and potential pitfalls are even greater.
In a July 2008 article by Greg Rodger, Chief Investment Officer of HighView Financial Group, he defines a methodology and framework that will assist in structuring, implementing and monitoring investment portfolios for wealthy families and/or their professional family offices.

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Mark Barnicutt

As HighView’s President, CEO, and Co-Founder, Mark Barnicutt has thirty years of experience as a Bay Street executive and entrepreneur, with an expertise in the stewardship of family wealth as a mentor to both affluent families and wealth management businesses.
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