Odette School of Business Hosts Event: Chasing Bernie Madoff

By Mark Barnicutt on May 8, 2010

This past Thursday (May 6th, 2010), the Odette School of Business, at the University of Windsor, hosted an evening titled, “Chasing Bernie Madoff“.

Frank Casey (one of the three Foxhounds, led by Harry Markopolos), together with Gaytri Kachroo (founder and partner of Kachroo Legal Services, and lawyer for Harry Markopolos) gave a two hour presentation to faculty, staff, students and alumni of both the Business and Law Schools about their experiences in working with Harry Markopolos (who began trying to expose Bernie Madoff as early as 2000).  HighView (Mark Barnicutt) moderated the event.  The Windsor Star featured an article on this event in today’s edition.

In the investment industry, so much time is spent teaching students about the technical aspects of money management.  Although important, this was a great opportunity to share real life experiences with students on how greed can corrupt and what happens when:

(1) The financial system is not supervised by a strong, independent and competent regulator, and

(2) Investment firms do not conduct the proper level of research/due diligence before presenting investment opportunities to their clients for investment!

This is a story that should be mandatory reading by every business and law student, who intends to practice in the investment industry, prior to graduation!

Book: No One Would Listen

Congratulations to the Odette School of Business for investing the time and money into hosting this event.


Proud to be an alumnus!

Mark Barnicutt

As HighView’s President, CEO, and Co-Founder, Mark Barnicutt has thirty years of experience as a Bay Street executive and entrepreneur, with an expertise in the stewardship of family wealth as a mentor to both affluent families and wealth management businesses.
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