Facilitating Excellence In The Management Of Wealth

By Mark Barnicutt on October 16, 2010

Our core expertise at HighView Financial Group is asset management.  When managing client wealth, though, the reality is that investments are not the most important aspect of managing this wealth.  Specifically, in the management of wealth – whether it’s for family or institutional clients such as pensions, foundations & endowments – the end result of any wealth management solution is that the client’s assets need to be managed in a prudent and responsible manner. However, equally important is what we refer to as the “structural” advice – that surrounds the assets.  In the case of a family, this could be the advice related to the design and implementation of investment holding companies and trusts while in the case of an institution it could be the design of an effective pension plan solution (ie: DC versus Group RRSP) or the governance structure overseeing a foundation.

At HighView Financial Group, we view investments as “vehicles” to help clients meet their financial goals but until the client goals have been clearly identified and the appropriate financial structures designed and implemented, it’s difficult for a true investment professional to effectively design a tailored investment plan. It is the integration of both the structural advice combined with the investment advice that creates the holistic solution that so many clients are desperately seeking in the marketplace today.

For this reason, we believe that it is critical HighView, as an investment professional, to collaborate closely with clients’ other professional advisors who provide such structural advice. This includes professionals such as financial planners, insurance advisors, employee benefit consultants, actuaries, accountants and lawyers.

As a result, the role that HighView often assumes, beyond our core expertise of asset management, is “facilitator” of other professionals around our clients in order to deliver integrated advice.  Such integrated advice is often accomplished through our unique “Stewardship Approach” to managing client wealth in which we proactively integrate a client’s other professionals into our periodic client meetings and portfolio reviews.  The objective of such an approach is to help all of our clients — advisors, families & institutions – achieve their financial goals through a process of professional collaboration.  It is for this reason that, our tag line at HighView Financial Group reads:

Facilitating Excellence In The Management of Wealth

Mark Barnicutt
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