“Willing Wisdom” Presented by Tom Deans, PhD – October 4, 2016

How can wealth be transferred successfully without destroying the recipient and the wealth itself?

It is a question for the times, as the greatest generation of wealth creators move toward death in record numbers.

In this seminar, Dr. Tom Deans discusses the 7 questions you need to ask to guide the giving decisions you make in your Will. The answers to these questions will help you determine whether your gifts will release potential or destroy it for your beneficiaries.

In a busy world where conversations about life, death, and wealth are often avoided, Willing Wisdom confidently guides attendees in a brave new direction.

Seminar Details

Date: October 4, 2016
7:00 PM
Catherine Swift Conference Room, HighView North York Office, 4141 Yonge St. Suite 307, Toronto, Ontario. Click here for a map.

How to Register

Call HighView at 1 (888) 827-8540 or submit the form on the right.

Tom DeansThe Presenter – Dr. Tom Deans, PhD

Intergenerational Wealth Expert and International Speaker

Award-winning international speaker and Globe and Mail bestselling author Dr. Tom Deans knows from experience that the smoothest road to family wealth wisdom is through honest conversation. Willing Wisdom came from his own extraordinary family experience.

As president of his family-owned multi-national corporation for almost a decade, Tom knows about family business relationships. Three generations of his family have successfully sold their businesses for a combined value exceeding $100 million.

Tom is a recognized thought leader on the subject of intergenerational wealth transfer and has been featured in numerous magazines and journals including Money Sense, Profit, The New York Times, and Investment Executive.

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