Highview Financial

When we founded HighView Financial Group in November 2005, we set out to build an investment firm that was truly unique from the large financial institutions that dominate the Canadian wealth management industry. Specifically, we created an advisory firm where placing clients’ interests first to provide financial peace of mind was not a slick marketing campaign but actually a way of life that was professionally practiced & monitored on a daily basis.

To achieve this aspiration, we founded HighView on 8 core principles that have clearly defined our firm’s culture in the successful stewardship of our clients’ assets for over ten years.

The video above provides a short overview of these 8 Founding Principles. We encourage you to spend a few minutes to watch this video, and learn how HighView Financial Group can help you achieve financial peace of mind through the sustainability of your assets.

Watch the video to learn more about HighView’s eight founding principles.


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