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Your Foundation: Investment Manager Research and Selection

The success of your foundation’s portfolio over time – and its ability to consistently meet your goals and risk tolerances – is predicated on selecting the appropriate money managers.

While there is no perfect predictor, our experience has proven that future investment success is most significantly influenced by the rigour of the selection process and experience of the managers.

At HighView, we take the selection and oversight of your investment managers very seriously. We choose third-party managers specifically suited for each mandate in your portfolio based on our evaluation of their ability to deliver on the results and behaviour required.

Our due diligence selection process involves assessing managers based on nine distinct criteria, which together blend prudent performance analysis with a heavy dose of qualitative research. We ensure we have a firm understanding of how each manager manages client money.

Only those managers who meet our strict requirements and are a “best-fit” for your foundation will be included in your portfolio.

We have no financial or other ties to any of the managers we use; therefore, we have no conflicts of interest. We will only recommend managers for your portfolio based on your best interests and we will not hesitate to replace a manager if the need arises.

Once managers have been hired, HighView will closely monitor the activities of each manager as well as the performance of the mandate to ensure they continue to operate within agreed-upon constraints and expectations.

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