HighView’s 8 Founding Principles for Wealth Management [Video]

By Adam Laird on January 8, 2016

Founding PrincinplesAs 2016 begins, HighView enters its second decade of operation. At this critical moment in our firm’s history, we feel it’s important to reiterate our founding principles.

Our work as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer for affluent Canadian families and foundations is focused on wealth sustainability. The following eight founding principles support the sustainability of assets, and ultimately provide financial peace of mind to our clients.

HighView Founding Principles

  1. Fiduciary Standard of Care
  2. Complete Objectivity
  3. Complete Transparency
  4. Goals-based Portfolio Construction
  5. Volatility Mitigation
  6. Customized Consistency
  7. Qualitative Research
  8. Stewardship

We practice these principles every day, which results in the higher level of professional advice and service. Our approach has been refined throughout our years of experience to build our clients’ wealth and meet their tangible and sustainable wealth goals.

Please watch the below video for a more in depth discussion of each of these essential founding principles and how they apply to our work with our clients:

>> HighView Financial Group is an investment counselling firm that takes a fiduciary approach to affluent family and foundation wealth. We are transparent and accountable in all that we do. Schedule a complimentary discovery session to see if we’re the right investment stewardship counsellors for you.

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