Debunking Myths of the Investment Industry in Canada Video Series

By Adam Laird on February 2, 2016

As independent stewards of wealth for affluent Canadian families and foundations, it is our passion to inform and educate investors.

To that end, we have created a new video series called “Debunking Myths of the Investment Industry in Canada”.

Within this series we have identified five prominent myths that are found in the investment community. Throughout each video, we will debunk and explain each of the myths, helping investors to make educated decisions.

Five Investment Industry Myths in Canada

  1. Relative Benchmarking
  2. Appropriate Measures of Success
  3. Diversification vs. Diworsification (or Dilution)
  4. Rebalancing
  5. Economic Growth versus Stock Market Performance

Watch the video below to learn a bit more about each of these five upcoming topics:

Stay tuned this Thursday for our first full video in the series: debunking relative benchmarking!

HighView is an experienced boutique investment counselling firm for affluent Canadian families and foundations. We would be happy to discuss our goals-based investment approach with you and your professional advisors.

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