Our Story

HighView Financial Group was co-founded by Gary Brent and Mark Barnicutt in
November 2005.

The firm began as a broad-based consulting business to the Canadian asset management industry. Core to our beliefs was earning and keeping the confidence and trust of investor clients. HighView was formed with the understanding that independence and objectivity of advice would always be highly sought after services.

As HighView grew and evolved, we listened and learned from our clients, and subsequently began to realize what clients were truly seeking from us: an integrated set of our core asset-based consulting services (as compared to our discrete, traditional consulting business model).

In other words, clients were telling us that they valued our advice as portfolio architects.

During the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, investors not only experienced serious market value declines in their portfolios, but many alternative investment strategies – which had been the darlings of the previous decade – literally collapsed in a panicked market craving liquidity.

In response to our clients’ needs and the state of the industry, HighView put a strategic plan in place to become an asset management firm that did more than simply select investment managers.

Rather, HighView would address the core issues of:

  • Comprehensive and objective asset management practices that have a broad range of solutions which avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Integrated goals‐based investor profiling using an asset‐liability approach to crafting client portfolios.
  • Stewardship – or the oversight of how client assets are managed – with a fiduciary mindset.

This issue of asset sustainability remains a central issue for our clients today.

HighView anticipated this need among affluent families and foundations. We led the way in a competitive and complex industry by evolving into a unique outsourced asset management service. The result: our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer solution, in which we design, implement, and help manage tailored investment strategies for affluent families and foundations.

We focus on the preservation of capital with responsible growth.

HighView’s journey has been exciting. We have had the good fortune of attracting and serving a distinguished and select group of clients, as well as assembling an experienced and talented team of industry professionals to ensure that we are in a position to provide our clients with relevant advice that meets each client’s unique set of circumstances.

We’d like to thank all of our valued clients, partners, and employees who have supported our business success to date and we look forward to the next years
in our journey!

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