Message from the Founders

We co-founded HighView in November 2005 as a broad-based consulting business to the Canadian asset management industry. From the start, we agreed that our independence and objectivity would help to set us apart in a highly competitive and scrutinized industry.

After more than a decade of volatile capital markets and uneven returns, investors are closely examining the motives and qualifications of many advisors – and how much they are paid and why.

In our opinion, our industry urgently needs to get back to its real purpose — stewarding client assets in the diligent pursuit of their investment objectives. There are many things an advisor must do to earn and maintain a client’s trust. They include:

  1. Put the client first
  2. Be honest and transparent
  3. Provide caring, respectful and fair treatment
  4. Protect their assets

Affluent Families and Foundations Can Simplify Their Lives with a Personal Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

As their outsourced CIO, we work in a fiduciary role with our clients and their professional advisors in ensuring their asset management strategy is cohesive, cost-effective and fully reflects their evolving needs. Through their trust in us, they look to us to help simplify their lives and bring them peace of mind.

We Are Purposeful Stewards of Our Clients’ Assets

As their Investment Stewards, we provide the objectivity and transparency clients are seeking in the management of their assets.

This first involves taking the time to truly listen to and understand our clients’ realities and the purpose of their assets.

We are grateful for our clients’ trust. It forms the foundation of all we do at HighView, and it is our job to advocate for our clients’ interests at all times.

We invite you to contact us should you wish to explore ways in which we might help you realize your goals and aspirations.

Gary Brent
Chairman & Co-Founder

Mark Barnicutt, MBA, FCSI, CFA
President, CEO & Co-Founder

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