Adam Laird, MBA, CFA, CIM

Stewardship Counsellor

Adam has a proven background in serving as a counsellor to affluent families. His philosophical approach fully aligns with HighView’s investment philosophy: goals-based, transparent, and objective investment counselling.

Adam is a strong spirited and entrepreneurial driven individual. He earned both his BBA and MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and holds both the CFA and CIM designations. He combines his vast education and work experiences to deliver tactical and dynamic solutions to individual clients and corporations.

In his Stewardship Counsellor role at HighView, Adam focuses on advising high net worth families about wealth management. Given his background in successfully implementing seminars and social media as an educational tool for clients, he also designs new informative seminars and social media initiatives for affluent families and foundations.

Adam currently resides in his hometown of Oakville, Ontario. He is a proud past member of the Oakville Breakfast Club and Halton Fresh Food Box, and currently serves as a board member of the Oakville Club.


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