What Is an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer?

An outsourced Chief Investment Officer acts as a fiduciary with legal accountability to protect your assets and advise you objectively about inherent opportunities and risks associated with various investment options.

Once you have established your investment goals, you need to determine how you will deploy your assets to achieve them.

It can be challenging to first understand the many available investment options. As your outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO), HighView can help you safely navigate the challenging hurdles you may be facing.

A HighView Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Is Responsible For:

  1. Assuming an investment stewardship role by thinking and acting as a fiduciary while joining clients on the “same side of the table”.
  2. Conducting a client goals assessment: We take the time to understand your goals and to best deploy your assets to help you meet your investment goals.
  3. Managing your assets: We construct portfolios to meet your needs and to reflect your risk tolerances.
  4. Selecting and monitoring the professionals who manage the portfolios on a daily basis.

When designing your investment portfolio, HighView leverages the advice of various professionals including those representing the accounting and legal disciplines as required.

We focus on creating long-term asset sustainability while protecting your existing capital.

Please contact us to discuss if an Outsourced CIO is right for you.

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