How We Work with Your Professional Advisors

HighView Financial Group is first and foremost an investment steward.

When managing client assets, we consider much more than the creation and growth of clients’ investment portfolios. The successful management of family or foundation assets requires the expertise of several trusted advisors working on behalf of the family or foundation as an integrated and focused team.

For affluent families, we collaborate with your professional advisors to take into account tax and estate, and insurance and business succession planning, to name a few of the many moving parts that combine to create a worry-free life for our clients.

For foundations, we collaborate with the Foundation Board/Investment Committee and their financial auditors to create integrated and real sustainable solutions.

This collaboration not only avoids costly oversights, but strengthens an asset management strategy as a whole.

HighView, as your portfolio architect, works closely with your other trusted advisors in helping you to achieve your goals.

We invite you to contact us for further discussion about how we can work with your advisors to meet your specific wealth management goals.

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