HighView’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Process

As your Chief Investment Officer (CIO), we are resolved to help to ensure that your assets are sustainable over the long term.

Our sustainability process is built upon objectivity, transparency, customization,
and collaboration.

The HighView Asset Sustainability Process

  1. Investment Stewardship

As a fiduciary CIO, we act in your best interest to ensure your assets are protected. We do not have interests in businesses that would potentially create a conflict of interest.

We help establish integration among your established professional advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants in ensuring all your needs are fully addressed.

With ongoing reviews and support, we ensure your portfolio is aligned with your changing investment objectives and needs.

  1. Goals Assessment

We spend considerable time getting to know you. This personal attention involves coming to fully understand your investment goals, anticipated needs and timelines, as well as your tolerances for risk.

With these insights, we tailor a sustainable investment plan to reflect the needs of
each client.

We will never recommend pre-packaged portfolio structures and we avoid a ‘one size fits all approach’. Each family and foundation has different needs.

  1. Asset Management

With your tailored portfolio, we develop integrated asset management solutions based on your timeframes, investment objectives, and risk tolerances. You will have a customized investment policy statement detailing how your portfolio is structured by asset class (i.e: stocks vs bonds) and investment mandates (i.e: Canadian equities, Global equities, Canadian fixed income, etc.).

When major changes occur to financial markets over time, we will rebalance your portfolio to ensure it is always structured to match your goals and your customized investment policy statement.

Our internal investment committee will review, recommend, and closely monitor the performance of investment managers who we feel will best reflect your
investment mandate.

Our approach is focused on building and protecting your assets by meeting your tangible and sustainable investment goals.

Please contact us with your questions or to learn more about the HighView Asset Sustainability Process.

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