The Foundation CIO

As your outsourced CIO, HighView is responsible for your foundation or endowment’s day-to-day asset management.

We assist you in several ways:

    • Demonstrating empathy in embracing the goals of the foundation
    • Recognizing that a foundation’s strength ultimately lies in the commitment of its board members and volunteers
    • Offering the board ongoing educational support, enabling your board to make better-informed decisions about the strategic management of your assets
    • Selecting and overseeing investment managers to help to ensure optimal performance and performance analysis
    • Being objective and taking the time to learn about the organization rather than presenting pre-conceived investment “fixes”
    • Remaining accountable (both ethically and legally) for the advice that we provide
    • Collaborating with the Foundation Board/Investment Committees and other professionals to create real sustainable solutions
    • Avoiding pitching new investment fads and trends as a purported ‘high quality’ solution to their financial challenges
    • Disclosing all investment related fees and potential expense sources at the beginning of the process.

HighView is a pioneer in the Canadian outsourced CIO industry. We realized long ago that increasingly volatile capital markets and the need for foundations to meet fiduciary obligations in the face of greater scrutiny were driving the demand for informed, third-party guidance.

We also set ourselves apart from other investment advisors through our goals-based assessment work to ensure the proper running of the foundation in an apolitical environment and its continued good governance.

We work with boards whose members are purpose-driven and see the value of a fiduciary that is philosophically grounded versus investment based.

We invite you to contact us to discuss if an outsourced CIO is right for your foundation.

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