Enhancing The Quality Of Your Retirement Life

By Mark Barnicutt on July 7, 2011

So much effort in the wealth management industry is placed on helping families plan for sufficient investment assets during their retirement years – which is important but it’s not the whole story — as often times, the softer/non-financial/qualitative issues are not adequately addressed.

We recently completed a podcast on HighView Radio that interviews Rick Atkinson, President of RA Retirement Advisors, who specializes in pre-retirement planning with a focus on the non-financial matters in a highly practical and interactive manner.

As Rick discusses in this interview, the opportunities in retirement are endless; however, a successful retirement doesn’t come without its hurdles.  There are many considerations such as living on a potentially reduced income, creating a health & wellness strategy, examining relationships with family & friends, allocating personal time, establishing living arrangements, adopting and adapting to different social roles and adjusting to the eventual death of a spouse, friends & family members.

The good news is a quiet revolution has been taking place regarding the image of retirement and the role of the retiree.  Retired people and those about to retire are beginning to understand that there is a secret to a successful retirement.

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