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The governance and oversight of foundations and endowments is a fiduciary responsibility, typically delegated to the foundation’s Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee has a responsibility to stakeholders, and to the organization, to protect assets, in absolute and real terms, and ensure funds are available for future commitments and liabilities. They face complex challenges in delivering this mandate.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is that the success of the Investment Committee is often measured by whether their particular investment manager is beating some market based benchmark and does not focus on the key objectives of protecting the capital, in real terms, and meeting the annual distribution requirements.

The consultants, that they often employ, typically attempt to solve this problem by recommending an expensive manager search in order to change the investment manager(s) rather than focusing on the real problem: the investment strategy.

Unfortunately, in our experience, this has rarely solved the fundamental problem and almost always increases costs.

At HighView, our clients benefit from our decades of capital market experience based advice. We are a licensed portfolio manager that assumes the regulatory risk and fiduciary responsibilities for institutions unwilling or unable to develop this important capability in-house.

Acting as your foundation’s outsourced Chief Investment Officer, we ensure your assets are allocated to meet your investment goals and consumption needs.

Foundations need a customized asset management plan – and that is where HighView excels.

Learn about the HighView Foundation CIO.

Our Asset Management and Investment Advice Is Supported by Our Eight Founding Principles:

  1. Fiduciary Standard of Care
  2. Complete Objectivity
  3. Complete Transparency
  4. Goals-based Portfolio Construction
  5. Volatility Mitigation
  6. Customized Consistency
  7. Qualitative Research
  8. Stewardship

Please watch the below video for a more in-depth discussion of each of these essential founding principles and how they apply to our work with Canadian foundations seeking sound asset management advice:


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