The Managed Asset Program Tune-Up

By Mark Barnicutt on February 1, 2009

We believe that Investors are seeking asset management solutions from Advisors that have a disciplined set of investment processes and a well-articulated ability to help them meet their real financial needs.  For this reason, we believe that well-structured Managed Asset Programs will continue to be a core solution set of increasing demand.

Now is the time for Wealth Management Executives to be objectively evaluating their Managed Asset Programs to ensure that they are appropriately designed, positioned and supported in order to meet what will be a growing client demand for structure, process and discipline in the asset management solutions that they employ.

As a result, we’ve written an article whose purpose is to provide Wealth Management Executives with a “10 Question Check List” that can quickly help them assess the quality of their Managed Asset Programs and whether or not a “tune-up” of their managed asset offerings is required.

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