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How Does an Outsourced CIO Work with Their Clients?

By admin on July 16, 2015

Although different outsourced CIOs may have slightly varied processes, the core of how an outsourced CIO works involves: 1) a fiduciary responsibility, 2) a deep understanding of their client’s needs, and 3) an expertise in managing clients’ assets accordingly.

Here is how we work with our clients:

Investment Stewardship

  • As a fiduciary, we act in our clients’ best interests to ensure their assets are protected.
  • We help establish integration among our clients’ professional advisors, such as their accountants and lawyers, to provide comprehensive advice.
  • We meet with our clients regularly to review their portfolio and ensure it is always aligned with their needs.

Goals Assessment

  • We spend time getting to know our clients.
  • We conduct an in-depth assessment to understand our clients’ needs, goals, timelines, and risk tolerances.
  • We tailor a sustainable investment plan and portfolio for each client.

Asset Management

  • We develop integrated asset management solutions customized to each specific client.
  • We are completely transparent about how clients’ portfolios and fees are structured.
  • We will rebalance our clients’ portfolios over time (due to changing financial markets or client objectives) to ensure it is always structured appropriately for each client.
  • We will review, recommend, and closely monitor the performance of our clients’ investment managers.

An outsourced CIO works with clients to provide prudent portfolio structuring and responsible preservation and growth of assets.

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